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Awards and Acceptances

Outstanding Website!

Beacon Award by Internet Beacon for

  • Quality and Quantity of Content
  • Layout and Navigation
  • Graphics and Functionality
  • Valuable resource without a fund raising or business objective

"Pharmaceutical Calculations - Exactly what it says. Put together to provide a free resource for pharmacists and pharmacy students"

Score: 90 out of 105     Courtesy: Internet Beacon

Best Site!

Award by BT Design for

  • Educational and Useful Content
  • Layout and Design

"This site provides more than 100 pharmaceutical calculations for free. A useful & user friendly resources"

Courtesy: BT design

Master Design!

The greatest award by TOL design for

  • Content
  • Speed and Bandwidth
  • Coding, Navigation and Links
  • Overall and Graphics Design
Score: 110-185%     Courtesy: TOL design

Bronze Award!

Given by Abhijit's Planet Award for

  • Powerful Content
  • Structure and Navigation
  • Virtual Design
  • Functionality, Interactivity and Overall Design
Courtesy: Abhijit's Planet

Medical Award!

Given by for

  • Content of Interest to Healthcare Professionals
  • Tone and Presentation maintained at a Professional Level
  • Navigation and Graphic Design executed at a Professional Level
  • High Level of Integrity and Credibility

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